Tom Snelgrove



Artist: Tom Snelgrove

Date of Residency: 11.10.2015 – 25.10.2015
From: New York, USA
Discipline: Installation, Video Art


Project Description

I am interested in the Muong Artist in Residency program because a central focus of my work involves exploring the commonalities between seemingly disparate cultures and the Muong land has a rich source of these connections to be uncovered.

For my next video project, I am interested in the investigation and documentation of certain aspects of Muong history, culture and myths that are similar to those in other regions of the world. My participation in the Muong AIR program would be an exceptionally valuable experience, enabling me to develop video footage and collect source material I would not be able to obtain outside of being part of this program. Being part of this program would also allow me a chance to collaborate with other artists in the residency program. If possible, I would also like to involve people from the community surrounding the Muong studio in my project work as well.

If accepted into the Muong AIR program, my project plan would first involve doing research on specific Muong historical and mythical stories that include commonalities with other cultures outside of the Hoa Binh province. Using that research, I would develop a loose narrative and develop storyboards for the video. Next, I would assemble costumes, to be used to illustrate these connections. After these first phases have been performed, I would travel to Vietnam for the Muong AIR program itself where I would shoot scenes in the Muong land and surrounding areas. Some of these scenes would just involve the landscape of the area. But, others would also include shooting simple, observational footage of artist collaborators, and perhaps people from the local community, wearing these costumes. Finally, I would use the Muong studio space to perform the initial editing stages of my video footage.

Although I have a clear idea about how I want to proceed with this next video project, I would like to work on during the Muong residency, I am very open to seeing what else might evolve during the program. From my involvement in past residencies programs, the greatest experiences happen when another person in the program, or as part of the community, suggested something with my project, or perhaps their own work, and we pursued it. Being part of the Muong Artist in Residency program would be a great opportunity for this kind of experience in a country and culture far removed from what is familiar to westerners.


VIDEO (courtesy of artist)



PHOTO (credit @ Muong Studio 2015)



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