Contemporary art workshop in Muong Studio named “Muong Land no 1”, taken place from 15th September to 25th September in 2011. The workshop belongs to the idea of combining the contemporary art works and the inspiration from the living space and cultural festivals of Muong people.


14 sculptors, 12 painters, 1 sound artist and 3 guest artists are the main element in this contemporary art workshop. The artists worked in the real living space of Muong people within the campus of Muong Museum. They created artworks using natural and organic materials such as wood, stone, and earth… or by the materials of their choice inside the 1,5-hectare-bamboo forest. The numbers of artists participating were very various so that their art forms were diverse and spontaneous from paintings, sculpture, and media art to site-specific artworks interacting with the mountains and trees there. The creative space of these artworks was then kept untouched as an indoor and outdoors exhibition space for one year.