Outsiders Factory



Taqetaq – an art project for Muong Studio

Project period: 3rd Jan to 29th Jan, 2014
Location: Muong Studio – the Muong’s Culture Museum
Address: 202 Tay Tien Street, Hoa Binh city, Hoa Binh Province, Vietnam

Curator: LEE Yi Pei
Curatorial assistants: SUN Yi Chen, CHOU Yi Wen, TAKAMORI Nobuo
Team members for residency project:
Artists / CHANG En Man, HUANG Po Chih
Documentary film maker / Adiong LU
Art critic / LIN Chen Wei
Curatorial assistant / SUN Yi Chen
Visiting scholars: KONG Jow Jiun, TAKAMORI Nobuo

Organizers: Outsides Factory (TW), Muong’s Culture Museum (VN)
Sponsors: Ministry of Culture (TW), Muong’s Culture Museum (VN)

“Residency Project for Taiwanese Artists in Muong’s Culture Museum, North Vietnam” is an unique residency project: Outsiders Factory selected 5 members from different background to constitute a residency team, to take the one month period residency in Muong’s Culture Museum, which located in Hoa Binh area’s Muong villages, North Vietnam. During the period of residency, 5 members will stay in a traditional house for learning how to live and create art together. They will stay in a special environment surround by natural beauty, far away from international metropolis, for learning the cultures of Muong people and North Vietnam. After the residency project, works by residency team will remain in Muong villages, and join the group exhibitions with other teams from different Asian-Pacific countries, which will be presented in different locations around North, Central and South Vietnam.


Concept for Dinh Project:

Artwork name: Taqetaq
Curator: Lee Yipei
Assistant curator: Sun Yi-Cheng
Artists : Chang En-Man, Huang Po-Chih, Adjing Lu, Lin Chen-Wei

Taqetaq is the meaning of Ting (涼亭) for Taiwanese indigenous people. It composes the common memory and functional space for children to adult here. The original meaning of Taqetaq means “Hey friend, don’t be so rush! Please put your button down, having a seat for a while here!” Time by time, it brings the deeper meaning for people to communicate, interact and represent themselves with both physical and mental way, living in our life.

By the Dinh project, we see the different cultural ways for Vietnamese to present Dinh based on a communal house. During the period of time, Taiwanese group shift the experience and Taqetaq concept to Vietnam. Hence we can see through the architectural structure is to maintain the “openness”. It is not only keeping an open between people but also with our own selves in cultural, valuable, and political way.

At the same time, the content and methods for artists to represent Taqetaq are made by multi-devises. First, the architecture is giving a concrete picture, inviting people to sit down and relax on the bamboo bed. It’s an attractive but special space to move your body come in. Second, the hidden sound is telling a poetic story by artists. They heard of the local stories, the sound of bombing miner stone in Muong Studio, and heard the voice from themselves.

Last, when all of us sitting down inside the Taqetaq, we can see the light of word “Process” is locking from the bamboo bed. “Process” comes from the moment between human beings and environment, Taiwan and Vietnam, and all the exiting activities we encountered with both physical and mental experiences.

Eventually, we based in Asia-Pacific region, Taqetaq is a contemporary re-conceptualisation of the traditional form. Indeed, we are welcoming people can do more activities inside the Taqetaq. Communicating, Interacting, and representing are the important process for human beings. Here are the lyrics of sound equipment as below.


Hey friend, don’t be so rush! Please put your button down, having a seat for a while here!
Here is a bamboo bed. You can take a rest in any comfortable pose you like.
There is a pool and a small port with a boat.
Get on and slide to the other boat near bushes.
Inside the wedding box on the boat, there are some gifts we want to give you.

Hey friend, don’t be so rush! Please put your button down, having a seat for a while here!
When you are enjoying the silence, sounds of big bang is coming suddenly
Don’t be afraid. That’s our Mother, exhausting herself to raises us up.
Do you remember the big house behind the reception of yard?
A man with white clothes and white pants placed three paintings of our Mother.

Hey friend, don’t be so rush! Please put your button down, having a seat for a while here!
Everything in this cultural museum is so fine and wonderful, do you feel that?
Come on! Open the bamboo bed, there’s a tree whole and we hide our imagination in it.
You can also share yours or do something more.
Maybe, these are even closer to the reality than the reality.

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