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Workshop activities organized by Muong Studio are creative events, showcase in the goal of art development and pushing innovation, exchange, collaboration and artists connection.


Over the last few years, Muong Studio has successfully organized such workshops like Muong Land in 2011, “Art under the Roof” in 2012. In 2011 there were 31 Vietnamese artists participated with various disciplines from paintings, sculptures, installation, land art and media art. In the workshop in 2012 there were 64 artists from Vietnam and 15 different countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Belgium, Spain, Italia, United States, France, Mongolia and Australia.


At this current and future state, Muong Studio continues to sustain those activities and workshops under a small and medium scale and focuses on art creation, research, experimentation and contemporary art practices in such criteria:


–  Developing contemporary art: encouraging and supporting creative works, experimental works, and showcases of contemporary art works in many forms, especially there will be connection with the space, environment, the local culture at Muong Studio.

– Supporting artists: creating opportunities for artists as well as art collectives to work on art projects and ideas, which haven’t got a chance to showcase and introduce to the public.

– The connection of the local art scene and the international art scene: creating opportunities for artists from many different lands and countries living, working and exchanging ideas.

– To build a working and showcase space for contemporary arts: building a space for introduction, archive, and display of contemporary arts for the very first time in Vietnam. It should be the destination of both local and international artists in all the artistic and cultural activities.


Muong Studio is willing to collaborate with both local and international artists and art collectives depending on specific projects and proposals with the aim and guiding principles in accordance with our current available conditions. Proposals of art projects for Muong Studio should be sent directly to us via email at muongstudio@gmail.com