I-CAMP Project



I-CAMP 2013 is the first phase of the Art project called “Initiative – Contemporary Arts Museum”, abbreviated I-CAMP. It is initiated based on the idea of Curator Tran Luong, collaborating with Muong Studio – Art center of the Muong’s Cultural Space Museum. The idea of I-CAMP also matches the orientation of developing Contemporary Arts in Vietnam of the Muong’s Cultural Space Museum, started since 2011.


I-CAMP 2013 is an art project aiming to create an open space for storing and exhibiting contemporary artworks in Muong Studio. The project will collect works of Vietnamese artists that made in recent years, or help artist to build work basing on good ideas that do not have condition to implement, perform and show to audience and community as well. All of works and the art space will be kept until the end of project (7 months) at Muong Studio, to set the first step of concept and thinking of a specific Museum for Contemporary arts to art lovers, public and society in Vietnam.


I-CAMP’s time is unlimited and can be last for years later, depending on the ability and condition of organization. The first phase of I-CAMP is from July 2013 to the end of July 2014.





- Create a display space for contemporary art

Lay the foundation and pave the way for the construction of the first Museum of Contemporary Art Vietnam.


- Create and develop spaces for cultural-art exchange

Space for Contemporary art gallery, combining the available collection of Museum of Muong Cultural Space will be the highlight attraction and engage the attention of artists in the country and abroad, researchers, art critics and other cultural industries, visitors, art lovers to exchange information and organize seminars for connecting artists, thus promoting the development of contemporary art in the country.


- Developing local culture:

Hoa Binh is a midland area, the long-time residential area of the Muong and Muong culture, one of the cradles of modern Vietnamese culture. Muong Cultural Space Museum is the first museum specializing in storage, collection and exhibits the cultural heritage from ancient Muong in Hoa Binh. The emergence of contemporary art at the Museum of Muong Cultural Art Space will be a strong chemical catalyst in linking modern cultural factors with ancient cultural heritage when they co-exist in the same displaying space.


- Looking to a Contemporary Arts Museum in Vietnam:

Today, in many developed countries in all over the world and in Southeast Asia as well, there exist one to several Museums of Contemporary Arts, various in scale, form and operation. However, there is no similar place to meet the needs of people – both foreigner and Vietnamese – who have interests in new art trends and activities. I-CAMP aims to bring out an vision of a Museum for Contemporary Arts in Vietnam, and that is actualizing in this project by works of Vietnamese artists and the hold art space in Muong Studio.