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With the purspose of supporting artists and developing the arts, the art program of Muong Studio is designed on aiming of giving the best conditions for local and international artists’ innovation in the real situation of Vietnam.


Muong Studio’s art program is towards creativity, connection and inspiration for the community and society. Creativity is unlimited combination of ideas, medium and the way of expressions. Connection is the bond between artistic elements and local community culture. Inspiration is the desire to get the artworks, artists and art activities plays a meaningful role and stimulate the public and the art development in Vietnam.


At the moment Muong Studio is operating the following programs:


Workshop: A form of creating art on focus. During the years 2011 and 2012, Muong Studio has organized two big workshops for local and international artists. Currently, we aim to organize the workshops on small and medium scale towards experimentation, applications and art development based on artistic exchange, collaboration, learning and research.

Artist-in-residency program: It is open to meet the needs of the artist living and working in Muong Studio for a period of medium and long time.

Art Projects: At the moment, Vietnam is still lack of art venues for artists and art collectives to express their ideas, experimentation or contemporary art projects. Muong Studio has opend a space and opportunity for the artists, art collectives and curators to work on their ideas in our creative environment.


Muong Studio is open to any collaboration and cooperation with artists and art collective in Vietnam and around the world up to certain projects and proposals, upon the purpose of guiding principles and in accordance with the condions of our availability. Proposals for art projects and exhibitions should be sent directly to us via email: muongstudio@gmail.com