How to apply

Muong AIR is not able to offer grants for resident artists at this moment. We can assist artists seeking grants in their country or institution, by providing an invitation letter or preparing a detailed budget. The cost of lodging includes a private or shared room, meals and working space and the organization of Muong AIR facilities for exhibitions or other public events (talks, screenings, open studio visits, workshops, seminars) and press covering of those events.

Please carefully read through the options and conditions before applying.

Please send us an e-mail to inquire about exact pricing and availability.

– Must be 21 or older (or be legally emancipated)

– Must have good command of English

– Must have your own project in artistic production or investigation, research or other artistic activities (whether in art or communication)

Please fill in the application form (download here: ENG & VIE) and send to:

Application is free. No deadlines.

If you are selected to Muong AIR you pay 30% in deposit and the rest when arriving at Muong AIR.