About Muong AIR




Muong AIR Program provides facilities and opportunities for the professional development of artists from the fields of Visual Arts, Performance Arts, and Literature etc.

Painters, sculptors, multimedia artists, performance artists, writers, musicians are invited to apply for the residency. The artist residence program is also available for a variety of events: workshops, exhibitions and cultural / small group tours.

As a part of Muong’s Cultural Museum, Muong Studio also encourages curators and researchers from related fields including anthropology and arts and cultural studies (especially those conducting research relating to the Muong ethnic culture) to apply to our residency programs, as it is part of our mission to promote the local culture and foster regional and international exchange programs.


About the Muong AIR and its Cultural surroundings

Located in the heart of the ancient Muong Land in Hoa Binh province, about 80 km North West of Hanoi, Vietnam. This mountainous region is the traditional centre of the Muong tribe village’s area. Participants will have opportunities to discover and study the daily-life activities of the Muong tribal people, and to explore and appreciate their unique arts and crafts tradition, architecture, cultural festivals, cuisine and rituals via items displaying in collection of Muong’s Cultural Museum, or data stored in library such as books, photos, media. They also can experiment real life of Muong tribal people by travel to surround local villages that easy to get by walking, bicycle or motorcycle. In some special occasions of year, participants may have changes to watch local festivals or rituals that joining by Muong tribal shamans, artisans and people.