Marie Cabirou

Artist: Marie Cabirou
Date of Residency: 9.10.2015 – 15.10.2015
Country of birth: France

My global project is to travel through Asia during 6 months, mostly to discover minorities’ culture, their art and craft specificities and their beliefs. I want to draw everything I see and to learn arts and craft techniques. I want to draw the Muong community, to represent as much as I can their soul and spirit (the enclosed images are drawings to show you my hand). I want to make drawings and paintings of people: portraits and hands, as it is for me very representative of someone. I come to meet you community, and to share with them. The idea of identity is the heart of my process. The finalization of my project will be, on one hand to edit a drawing travel diary to share everything I could learn and see; and on the other hand to make an exhibition. For me, it is really a big chance to have this opportunity to travel and to discover other people’s way of living. We have so much to learn one from each other, and that is the central idea of my work. I want to work with different medium, from simple drawing, to sculpture; the goal is also to discover new techniques.

I am staying 20 days in Vietnam, that is why I apply for a one week residency.



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