Caterina Moroni

Artist: Caterina Moroni

Date of Residency: 12.2015
From: Terni, Italia
Discipline: Media, Documentary
Project: Duck March.


Duck March is an incursion.

It is a peaceful and nonpartisan march made by pregnant women.

In every place Duck March creates a link with the territory. At each geographical stage, people who are part of it will give life to a unique event. The female body during pregnancy is a symbol, ruling out the notion of the maternal body as sick, delicate and needy. In no way should it be considered as an incarnation of feminism or of any political or religious ideology – it represents for us the present, the past and the future. It is collective responsibility. And any kind of violence, even the smallest, can no longer be tolerated.

Duck March is an art project which started in Italy with the aim of keeping it alive in time and space. In different cities in Europe and around the world, I will put together pregnant women to form a peaceful and non-partisan procession also through the aid of choreographic movements. This singular urban parade takes on its own particular form in every place, in every season and political context that it will cross, and each group of people who will form it.

The idea is that this triumphal and renewing march, this goose-stepping, can spread virally and perhaps be autonomous and participatory. From each live performance I will realize a video, a photo-documentation and some interviews. All material will become part of the Duck March archive. It will be presented to each of the following hosting cities so to spread our message. I am looking for a result that not only emphasizes cultural differences but is also able to reset geographical distances.


VIDEO (courtesy of the artist)

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