Asherah Cinnamon



Artist: Asherah Cinnamon

Date of Residency: 19.10.2015 – 04.11.2015
From: Portland, Maine, United States
Discipline: Sculpture

I am a contemporary sculptor rooted in feminism and social activism. As the immigrant child of Holocaust survivors, I finally found home in the Maine woods. Inspired by 6,000 years of Jewish history, values, philosophy, and art, my work is sometimes collaborative and often functional for a communal environment. Community ceremony and its ritual objects help us remember ourselves, holding meaning and ethical solutions beyond any single culture. I use local, sustainable harvested, natural or recycled materials, translating concept into object, installation, or collaborative performance. My practice explores tikkun olam, healing disconnection. Our relationship to the environment has been an important thread in my work.

As a sculptor and installation/performance artist my work reflects my values and ethics as a Feminist and as a woman of Eastern European Jewish heritage. For this reason, and because I love the forest I live in, I have used primarily natural (local, sustainably harvested tree branches) and repurposed/ recycled materials in my work. I am interested in addressing and healing the emotional and environmental hurts that human beings and the earth have endured. My work is often conceptual in its beginnings and frequently involves interaction with the public, collaboration with other artists, or activities designed to build community among a group of people.

Other work may be seen on my website where public art projects are explained and illustrated in more detail.



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