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Muong Studio includes special areas for creating the artworks, showcases and serving the artists’ inquires, to be more specific:


Indoors working space: based in between two big stilt houses with the area of around 200m2, mainly for creating paintings, printmaking, ceramics and small sculpture. The outdoor working space is 2,5 hectares spreading over the hillsides covered with orchards. This area is designed specially for outdoors sculpture works and installations, encouraging the artists to use organic materials towards integration with the surrounding environment. This area also displayed the works of the artists from two workshops in 2011 and 2012.


Library: More than 5000 books on literature, culture, Vietnam art. We also have internet service and projector for all other learning, research and discussion activities.


Area of Residence: Muong Studio has private rooms for individuals and smalls groups or the stilt house for large groups. The residence arrangement will depend on the operation types, the artist’s need and the actual conditions at Muong Studio.


Restaurant and Bar: Muong Studio has restaurant and a small bar serving the meals and daily needs of the artists. We have the experience to meet the daily needs of 80 artists coming from 15 countries around the world through two events and workshops in 2011 and 2012.


Ancient Muong space and culture: located in the mountainouse space and the central spot the ancient Muong Land in Hoa Binh province. Muong Studio is very close to the area of Muong villages. The artists working and in residence here will have the chance to discover and experience the mountain life as well as daily routines, activities as well as special food and festival of the local Muong and the mountrain scenery of Northwest Vietnam.


Images of common studio 1



Images of common and individual rooms for staying



Images of gardens and space of Muong Studio