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About us

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Muong Studio is an art center belonging to the Muong’s Cultural Museum.
Muong Studio was founded in 2011 with such objectives:

– To open an open space for contemporary art activities:  creating new works in the residence, workshop, cultural and art exchange as well as collaboration on the purpose of developing the contemporary art scene in Vietnam.
– To preserve and develop a local culture based on the connection between the ancient culture and contemporary arts.
– To connect other art centers in Vietnam and South East Asia and Asia to support the artists and contemporary art development in Vietnam.

The activities program of Muong Studio includes art exhibition, projects, workshops and Muong AIR – the artist-in-residency program for both local and international artists.

Muong Studio includes studios, open air space and gallery space. The studio is an open space based inside the stilt house, which is over 500m2 for artists working on different medium such as paintings, printmaking, ceramics and other disciplines. The Open air space is a garden designed especially for sculpture works, installations and other land art pieces. The total area for creating works and showcase is around 18,000 m2.